MetaCene Alpha Test 2: The Next Chapter Awaits with New Adventures and $100,000 Worth Rewards

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Following the trailblazing success of our inaugural Alpha Test, which saw an overwhelming response from our vibrant community, MetaCene is poised to unveil another realm of possibility with Alpha Test 2. This new chapter of exploring, battling, and interacting promises even more excitement, complete with engaging new gameplay, areas to discover, bosses to conquer, and the awaited addition of earning NFTs and tokens.

The Saga Continues: Servers Awaiting Heroes

Just as with the first Alpha test, this second trial is about pushing boundaries. Mark your presence in MetaCene’s evolving saga, where your story takes a bold leap, where every quest and battle counts.

Treasure Trove of Assets

Tokens Aplenty:

  • $TMAK: With the imminent launch of our governance token $MAK, Alpha Test 2 provides a sneak peek via $TMAK, which you can amass now (through elite boss encounters and engaging events) and convert later, reminding us of the value we place on the player-driven economy.
  • $MUD: As MetaCene’s versatile in-game token, $MUD powers a plethora of activities — from weapon augmentation to in-game purchases. Players can gather $MUD through airdrops and ore synthesis.

NFT Assets:

  • Equipment and Weapons: Valuable assets will drop during gameplay, which might or might not happen to be NFT. Not only will these items aid you in your Alpha Test 2 endeavors, but they’ll also function as incentives for assets for the official game launch.
  • Skins: Customize your character to your heart’s content with a variety of skins.

Thrilling Adventures and Lucrative Rewards

Continuing on the excitement-filled path paved by our first Alpha, this second iteration intensifies with a multitude of rewarding events:

  • Daily Check-in: Claim your commitment rewards every day, from $TMAK, ores, GC coins, HP Injections, Energy Sprays, and Mobile Phasers to Revive Crystals.
  • Power Leaderboard Event: Ascend the leaderboard into the top 10 battle power players and bask in the glory of top-status exclusive SBTs.
  • World Boss Event: Battle epic monsters and reap rewards scaled to your contributions — be they partial defeats or victorious kills.
  • Speed Race: Navigate an obstacle-laden course in the ethereal expanses of the Sky Metropolis to complete the challenge. The five fastest navigators of every cycle of the race will be rewarded with crystals.
  • Guild Glory: Forge mighty alliances and triumph in the New World Challenge for guild-exclusive spoils distributed by your guild leader.
  • Frontiera Challenge: Conquer this unique domain to boost your experience and drop rate gains by 1.5x, and even get a chance at the elusive orange equipment. Winners within this area can occupy a 9-player mine to earn $TMAK. The second session also allows participating guild members to lay claim to the exclusive New World Battle SBT.

Check the Alpha Test 2 Events page for more information.

Exclusive Honors for MetaCene Apostles

We honor the loyalty of MAN holders with a MAN-exclusive reward box adorned with a golden title and filled with $TMAK, equipment, crystals, and world channel megaphones. Additionally, those who stride upon the central server are granted a prestigious Purple equipment piece — wear your distinction with pride.

A Bounty of Over $100,000 in Rewards

When we say greater rewards, we mean it. Alpha Test 2 is showering participants with a staggering collective bounty surpassing $100,000.

Secure Your Whitelist Spot Today

With limited spots and assets, the race is already on. If you missed your chance to join the first Alpha Test, here is your second chance. Participate in our community events and seize the chance for a prized whitelist spot. Dive headfirst into the Alpha Test 2 and witness firsthand the expansion of possibilities and prosperity in the immersive world of MetaCene.

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About MetaCene

MetaCene presents a surreal post-apocalyptic society where survivors interact with diverse NFTs to redefine civilizations. It pioneers player-centric entertainment, governance, and creation through innovative PVE and PVP gameplay, robust technology infrastructures, social guild DAO governance, sustainable economic systems, and in-game editors. MetaCene is founded by gaming experts with 20+ years of industry experience from Shanda Games, Blizzard, Perfect World, and others. It envisages a multichain future from Rangers Protocol with real-time confirmation and super-low gas fees. After a highly successful Alpha Test in August and the launch of the MetaCene Apostle NFT collection, the team is currently working on the mobile version and the first official release, which is scheduled for Q1 2024.

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