There are definitely some beauty products that we need to invest some of our hard earned money into (skincare is on top of that list) However, mascaras is definitely not one of them! Although, DiorShow and Too Faced Better Than Sex, will make people stop and ask you which fake lashes you are wearing, you don’t have to spend more then $20 on your mascara.

Long, lush and fabulous lashes can either make a look — or be the look…Why not save a little along the way? I handpicked my top 5 favorite drugstore mascaras and guess what... …

’Tis the season for…. NYFW !!!! We were ecstatic to join forces again with global makeup- artist Rick DiCecca and Artistry Beauty for the Pamella Roland S/S 2018 runway!

This season’s collection was inspired by Pamella Roland’s recent travel to Monaco — and boy did that inspiration shine! You saw the timeless allure of former Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly and all of the great luxuries you would expect to find in Monaco today. The collection was stunning!!

“Everything is just beautiful there,The cars, the buildings, the people — my customer wants beautiful, over-the-top gowns, and that’s the place where…

We all know that summer can be harsh on our skin, but did you know it can be just as harsh on our hair?! Spending the day in the sun is fun there is no doubt about that — however, a day at the beach is just as bad for your hair as it is for your face, and can do serious damage in terms of drying out the hair follicle.

Basically, what happens is — the sun’s rays strip away the natural proteins in our hair, making it dry and porous, while the salt from the water adds to…

When it comes to makeup trends full, luscious eyebrows are taking center stage! In my personal and very humble opinion, I believe eyebrows are an very important feature of your face — let’s be honest…they basically set the blueprint for your facial frame. Now, I know what you all are thinking, ”I might have plucked one too many hairs(okayy 10)… my wax specialist made them too thin… remember that time when thin eyebrows were a thing…. I just cant grow my eyebrows in anymore”. I hear you all… and I’m here to tell you there is still some hope in…


It’s that time again…time for a product breakdown!! This weeks product breakdown is inspired by Lilit Caradanian more widely known as @MakeupByLilit. For those that don’t know of her(would be hard to believe) she is a Los Angeles based Makeup Artist who took social media and the makeup world by storm!! With a makeup studio in Sherman Oaks and an incredible makeup line Elcie Cosmetics she is the ultimate entrepreneur and a huge inspiration to myself and many others! We thought it would be fun to replicated one of her more famous looks… the cat-eye smokey eye!

Keep on reading…


Wedding season is upon us! I’m sure you’re excited to open up that good ol’ wedding look-book you have been working on since you were nine. You have it all figured out…the dress you must-have, what color bridesmaid dresses your girls will wear, the perfect white peonies flowers and even the wedding bands. The hard part is almost over — but you still need to decide on the perfect wedding hairstyle. Up or down? Straight or wavy? Braid or no braid? Hairpiece or not? So many details to consider!!

I highlighted 5 point that can help narrow down the search…

How many of us can agree that finding the right shade of foundation can be exhausting?I mean we have all been there… you go to your local makeup counter and buy a new foundation, only to get home and find out it’s so not your shade!! The whole point of foundation is to make skin look so completely flawless and natural that no one suspects you’re wearing anything at all — So, read on, because one of the most vital steps to having your foundation look flawless is by having the perfect shade!


Level 1: Fair (color of milk)
Level 2…

I can’t say that cleaning makeup brushes is one of my favorite things to do, but it’s a necessary evil. Caked-on cosmetics can lead to acne and irritation…seems rather counter intuitive — I know, being they exist to make us pretty! However, cleaning makeup brushes regularly should be part of our beauty routine.

Here are my top 5 makeup brush cleaners that made the process a lot easier and bearable!


I recently came across a bridal makeup look that I simply could not resist taking a screenshot of. What do I love more then finding a beautiful picture of a makeup look I can add to my “Makeup” album? A breakdown of the makeup used… duh!

I was excited to see that the artist of the look was none other than Juliana Fink, Master Makeup-Artist/ Trainer for Metamorphosis New York . So, you already know that I had to ask her for a product break-down; and naturally I wanted to share it with all of you!

It’s April, can you feel the warm sun on your face? — me too! It can only mean one thing… Festival season is upon us! With Coachella right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to experiment with hairstyles that we would normally shy away from. So, my festival lovers keep on reading because I’ve got you covered, learn how to take these 5 trends and make it your own this season!


Braids are pretty much a staple at any festival, my favorite has to be fishtail braids. They are super adorable and are a totally versatile, yet…

Metamorphosis New York


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