Can creator economy platform Rally make a comeback at SocialFi?

As the global Internet celebrity market grows year by year, the community economy between creators and fans gets more important. Today, we share a research report on a “long-established” project: Rally, a creator economy platform. It is an open web platform based on Ethereum, which provides users with an immersive experience transitioning from Web2.0 to Web3.0.

This platform allows content creators and fan communities to build their own community economy and establish tokenized communities. Rally also opens a window to crypto art for fans, making them closer to the creators’ works and life. At the same time, creators are no longer limited by the platform, and can successfully convert high-quality content into creative income. In this way, they get incentives and realize more efficient allocation of resources and better benefits coordination.

The following is a research report on Rally which is a metaverse project conducted by MetaResearch. Join us for a closer look!

The above content is only for sharing and learning from each other, and does not constitute investment advice. If there is any mistake, welcome to discuss with us and correct it.



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