Interoperable NFT innovators, The Metakey secures $3.5m raise led by Animoca Brands

2 min readApr 25, 2022


Seed round investors

With a growing team of nearly 30 artists, developers, community managers and marketers, The Metakey has enabled work with dozens of high-profile collaborations and integrations since launching in early May 2021. The team has demonstrated its vision and capacity as a beacon in Web3 innovation, leading to a $50 million valuation with backing from 24 high-profile key investors.

Leading the raise is Animoca Brands, which has invested in over 170 of the most promising NFT-and-blockchain related projects based on its guiding principle to deliver a “more equitable digital framework contributing to the building of the open metaverse”.

Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, commented on the Metakey raise:

The Metakey supports a multi-platform approach to your digital assets and is led by a team of OG crypto and NFT enthusiasts (including DCLBlogger) with deep expertise and expert understanding of the space and the opportunity. Cross-platform interoperability is the key to growing the open metaverse and we are excited to be backing The Metakey!

The Metakey’s 6k+ (and growing) holders can look forward to an expansion of the existing Metakademy Web3 education platform; multiple games integration of the Metakey and Metakrew; large-scale The Sandbox integrations; unlocking more rewards through dozens of key collaborations and partnerships (Habbo Hotel; Nametag; Genies; and many more); access and rewards across metaverse and real-life events and experiences; exclusive digi-physical merchandise; and much more.

The Metakey will also use funds to develop its massively interoperable, inter-metaverse gaming and social hub New Ganymede and accompanying season pass rewards system that will integrate with The Metakey, Metakrew and a myriad metaverse services and platforms such as Decentraland, The Sandbox and many more. The Metakey will expand its team in order to carry this project from open demo to full release and service.

Key investor in the raise WhaleShark commented:

Metakey is a special project in Web3 that leverages the full suite of benefits that NFTs are able to provide to users. Matty and the team are truly OGs in the space and have a deep and sophisticated understanding of not only what NFTs are, but also a strong vision of what they could be in the future.

Other key investors in the raise include Digital Currency Group (DCG); Sfermion; B3V; SkyVision Capital; Double Peak; Spartan Group; Everest Ventures Group (EVG); Kenetic Capital; Hillrise Group; MHC Digital Finance; Maxstealth Org; AngelHub; Kharis Capital (K3);; Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox); Agus Ferreira (Decentraland); Defi Dad; Cooper Turley; Gabby Dizon (YGG); 888; and Adam De Cata (Run It Wild).

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