Metakey Aces at the Australian Open Metaverse

4 min readJan 7, 2022

Metakey is collaborating with The Australian Open (AO) — one of the biggest international tennis tournaments in the world!

The AO will be the first grand slam to enter the Metaverse, through the support of Decentraland, Run It Wild, and the Metakey community.

What does this mean?

The AO are launching a collection 6776 generative Art Ball NFTs, produced from an algorithmic combination of different colours, patterns and textures, as well as 22 “AO Legend” and 169 “Artist Series” unique designs from iconic legacy and NFT artists.

But this is no outdated 2021 generative collection; these Art Balls represent an unprecedented NFT use-case, combining real-time match and ball-tracking data with ERC-721 metadata.

Each of the Art Balls represent a 19 x 19 cm plot of tennis court surface, randomly assigned at mint. When a winning shot from any of the 400+ AO matches lands on a plot, the NFT metadata will be updated in real time to record this information.

These metadata-upgraded Art Balls will provide the owner with additional utility such as limited edition wearables, AO merch and other benefits in future.

When any of the 11 championship points lands on a plot, the corresponding the NFT owner will be rewarded with the tennis ball used in the actual match — complete with a handcrafted display case and certificate of authenticity.

The public mint will be served on the 13th of January and priced at 0.067 ETH — however…

Metakey-exclusive Whitelist!

All Metakey-holders to be eligible for a whitelist for early minting — to mint 24 hours prior to the public drop.

The whitelist will be for unique wallets, allowing 1 mint per Metakey-holder (not per Key). This will be a FIFO window opening 24 hours leading up to public mint to a maximum of 3388 Art Balls. Why?

The entire Art Ball collection is capped at 6776 — there are currently 5359 unique Metakey-holders and 9750 Metakeys. In essence, there will not be enough supply of the Art Balls to allow a per-Key mint.

This collaboration has allowed us to secure an incredible 50% of the total supply cap in early minting.

We decided a 1-per-Holder limit would be the most equitable solution and likely facilitate every Key-holder that wishes to participate in the sale, so we thank you for your understanding!

Metakey whitelist minting will open at 10:00 AEDT, January 12 (18:00 ET, January 11) here — public minting will open exactly 24 hours later. Please expect more details on the early mint in the next week.

The Metakey community team will also be streaming Monday — Friday from the 17th to the 31st of January on Metakey Twitch. We will be tracking, highlighting and discussing each of the previous day/s’ match shots, as well as dipping into some of the AO headlines.

We will be joined by a number of surprise guests from the world of tennis stardom over the course of the AO, so be sure to tune in!

These streams will also cover the first ever metaverse tennis experience — the “AO Metaverse” — in Decentraland. You will be able to jump on and explore the AO precinct including the famed Rod Laver Arena, complete challenges, view historic AO content and interact with players and other tennis fans in DCL.

This Decentraland event will go live at 10AM AEDT — January 17th and can be accessed here.

Stay abreast of the AO Metaverse experience and Art Ball collection updates via the Metakey Twitter or jump into our Discord if you have any further questions.

See you court-side!

— Sarah & Michael-P




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