The Age of Apple is Over
Austin Frank

I will just say this….

Google entered the health sector and pulled out because it was too difficult and they weren’t seeing the returns they wanted.

Microsoft barely dipped its toes into the health sector and they only have one consumer product on life support which is basically a manually managed, personal online EHR that does a terrible job at actually making your life easier. They have the MS Band which gathers health metrics, but none of that data is actually very useful to a physician or your EHR.

Apple, however, has gone headfirst into the health sector. And they aren’t showing any signs of stopping. The next stop is adding more sensors to the Apple Watch and getting it cleared by the Federal government as a “medical device”.

I am telling you right now, Apple’s NBT will be disrupting the health sector because the health sector is in such a DESPERATE need of help. Proprietary data, different vendors don’t share medical data, medical errors, horrible software that was installed 15 years ago and looks like Windows 95. You get the picture.

Either that, or that or they will finally execute on the idea of making their own TV experience to compete with cable companies.