#OptOutside: Stepping Off The Trail

This business philosophy is why I’m an REI member. The people that work there are passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about all things outdoor oriented.

It’s more than just being a steward for our environment, or exercising and staying healthy- or even just enjoying this beautiful planet.

It’s about connections. Connecting with the outdoors, with yourself, and with other people. I hike with my teenage daughter- and it’s been life changing for both of us. We have a bond we would not have ever had without this shared experience, and we’ve built an incredible sense of confidence in who we are and what we can do.

I have a desk job, she goes to school all day, right now both of us are preoccupied with her college plans… but being outdoors is reality: We are badasses. We can haul 30 pound packs up mountains, we can climb over a mile of boulders 3500 feet high, we can navigate our way through unfamiliar woods, ford streams, sleep through 10 degree F nights and not die, survive encounters with bears, hike for miles, pitch a camp in under 15 minutes, cook a completely edible dinner in winter in the middle of nowhere. That’s our reality.

So thanks for the reminder REI.

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