Starting off with our series of Create conference videos are the keynotes from the event. There is really no better way to set the theme of a conference and inspire attendees than with a good opening keynote. At the Create conference, we were fortunate to have the following keynote speakers.

Day 1 Keynote Speakers:

con·nec·tion (kəˈnekSH(ə)n/) noun - a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else

A major component to my work over the years has been creating connections. Connections between various industries and immersive technologies, the flat web with 3D, and connections between people. In retrospect I know this was a major variable for why when the opportunity to organize a web developer conference for Samsung came up earlier this year I jumped on the chance. …

Photo: © dizain

Lately I have seen an increase in the use of immersive technologies, especially virtual reality, for causes around social good. Social good is a term that implies a positive impact, on an individual or a society as a whole. Potable water, education, and healthcare are all examples of social good. However, new media innovations and the growth of online communities have extended the meaning of the term. Social good is now about global citizens uniting to unlock the potential of individuals, technology and collaboration to create positive societal impact.

Given my interest in immersive web technologies, I asked myself, “What…

Like no other…

Frank Sinatra sang, “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere” when referring to New York City. The city that never sleeps definitely gives off an energy that is unique when compared to any other city I have visited. The streets of Manhattan are packed with New Yorkers moving with a focused determination and hustle that speaks for itself as: “no time to waste”. This attitude has translated beautifully into how developers and companies in the area are embracing immersive web technologies like WebVR and WebAR.

So with my vagabond shoes longing to stray, I took the…

So I recently returned from Unity’s Unite Europe 2017 event in Amsterdam. This three day event is a must attend conference for anyone doing development with the Unity game engine on the East side of the Atlantic. As expected, the event brought in developers from all around Europe and even the Middle East thanks to Unity without Borders program.

There are not many event series I can say I have attended since day one but the Augmented World Expo, formerly the Augmented Reality Event, is one I can put in that category. This was the 8th annual event and no doubt it sure has come a long way since that first event I visited in 2010.

Damon Hernandez

Product manager & developer advocate, Samsung Internet. Immersive Web & all things Web3D :)

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