Where’s the free version……
Meteorite BI

I wrote this piece of Thursday, my first chat on IRC on Monday went as follows:

06:42 < jgamboa> hi.. does saiku widget work in pentaho 5 CDE?
06:43 < jgamboa> i tried but i amnot seeing anything when oppening the dashboard. tnx in advance
07:26 < magicaltrout> jgamboa: i fixed it but it may still be broken
07:26 < magicaltrout> as I said on the mailing list, there’s plenty of users and the issues aren’t that great if someone wants it fixed properly send me a patch because I don’t use it
07:40 < jgamboa> i see. thanks for the reply. i am not keen on modifying code. anyways I am looking for a way to display crosstabs on CDE that is why I was planning to use saiku. I may look on other plugins to utilize.

This pretty much sums up my point. People want the software for free but aren’t interested in helping better the product. That is what I find both frustrating and sad.

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