Saiku 3.2.and a bit released with custom dashboard widgets.

So its that time of the month again and we’ve got another Saiku release for those of you who are interested.

All standalone users(both CE and EE) now gets to enjoy Measure Groups in the UI, Dimension defined calculated members and the ability to use Hangar dimensions from within the UI. We have also fixed a couple of bugs in the Admin panel which broke password changes and makes that a little more enjoyable.

Saiku Enterprise will be released in the next few hours and this includes a few enhancements to the date picker so it’s obvious when the data you have selected doesn’t exist, adding support for NumberLong in MongoDB and also a great new feature in the dashboard framework, the custom Javascript widget.

Our dashboard designer has always been designed with the idea of simplicity in mind. But we didn’t want to make it overly restrictive to users who have the ability to write Javascript code, as such we have added the custom widget which allows users to manipulate the data being pumped through from the Saiku server to allow for custom visualizations and extensions. So for example, users might want to see a report rendered in Highcharts(see below) instead of CCC charts, or maybe a crazy D3 visualization. Before that would have involved some complexity on the users side, but we have aimed to making this as easy as possible. Don’t be fooled you still need to understand Javascript and how to manipulate the data, but it makes adding in the libraries and extra glue code required a lot easier, think of it as JSFiddle for Saiku Dashboards.

So for those of you interested here are a couple of videos demonstrating the custom widget with highcharts, documentation will be available on the wiki along with this release:

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