What’s new in Saiku 3.8?

It wouldn’t be January without another Saiku release and we have reached the lofty number of 3.8.

So what’s new? Quite a lot actually. We’ve been working hard with clients and customers to add some features they felt were required and missing. These include:

  • Slightly updated UI with bootstrap buttons and form elements
  • Vastly improved UI based calculated member support
  • Improved formula editor
  • New member selector
  • String Filtering
  • Startup Tabs
  • Improved Translations
  • XAnalyzer to Saiku Converter

We are well aware we need to do more for responsive and touch UI design, but this will be coming fully in Saiku 4. But to make the UI a bit more “web 2.0” we’ve added a few bootstrap elements to the default build. Hopefully this will please those of you who have been asking for a more “modern feel”, don’t worry it gets a real overhaul in Saiku 4.

Calculated Member Support

Calculated member support is heading in the realms of being amazing. Thanks to some support from our partners at Mate.it we now how a much more enhanced Calculated Member dialogue that supports, calculated members, calculated measures, along with a more advanced formula editor, a member injector for the formula editor, and now a Parent Member Selector. The Parent Member Selector is cool, because it now means that you can create calculated members and pin them further down a hierarchy. For example you might create

Aggregate({[Product].[Drink].[Beverages], [Product].[Drink].[Dairy]})

and pin that to


whereas before it would be stuck at the top level unless you defined it within the schema.

Member Selector

To go with this new dialog we have the new member picker, this makes life a lot easier for people wanting to input MDX member names without having to work it out.

String Filtering

Along with the improved calculated member support we now have a UI driven String Filter dialog. If you wanted to do partial string matches before, you would have to write a custom MDX snippet, which for those who don’t know MDX, it a pain. Now you can use the UI to build the query for you.

For example, if I had a customer list and wanted to filter all customers which contained the letter A, then I could select Customer.Customers and set the match type to Like and Match Text ‘A’.

And I get:

Start up Tabs

Next we have start up tabs. Currently you have to set these in the Settings.js file in your installation but in time this will become UI drive. Start up tabs allow you to define default tabs for a user, a group or globally.

So when a user logs in with the SALES role, they could be shown the Sales Dashboard by default, or a collection of reports. This helps drive users to the content that matters to them.


Translations have all seen some love, and we have trawled through the community generated submissions and updated all the translation files to how the latest collection of translations we have available. So if you run your browser in non English, hopefully your experience will have improved. If you want to submit more translations, just hit the translation button in the toolbar.

XAnalzyer Converter

Finally we have a little command line utility to convert XAnalyzer files to Saiku files. This wont convert everything, but it doesn’t do a bad job at the basics. If you want to convert all your files to Saiku goodness you can find it here.

So, with that all out of the way, Saiku 3.8 EE RC1 has been released and is available for download from here!

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