Process Blog 2

To start off, in pictures, the class was split into different groups where we brainstormed ideas and processes within each category we were assigned to:

Tammie and Me talking about certain topics we could input on the list

Here in the picture I give my opinion on what we could possibly add onto the numeric and sensor data, where Tammie is writing down the information. This was all for the process ideas we could input into our own prototype.

Using all the information from here, my prototype came into form

However, during my experience, I did question on what my prototype should be formatted, or what to include. I asked alot of processing questions to my friend Hyun here in this photo:

Brainstorming with Hyun, looking at POP

While we did not answer many questions such as “what pages should be included to be relevant?” we decided that the pages relevant would have to include points on the rubric.

What I liked about this project was how easy, and not complicated it was, easy not in that it took 0 effort, but it was understandable, and doable in the amount of time given. When something is like this, the project itself becomes very enjoyable, especially with group interaction and brainstorming.

In society, this kind of work could happen in recreational areas, or even web development companies. It can be vast considering that what actually happens is the brainstorming, working and interacting with others, to create a mock project, prototype, and have it really be presentable through POP. This type of work is important in companies because not only will it help break the ice with other co-workers, you are able to share ideas, and learn about new ideas.