Process Blog 5

Blog’s Focus: User Research
User research specifically that is, is the process of observations mostly focusing upon practices in a particular setting for the purpose of identifying design opportunities.

What we did for this Sprint:
In this sprint, we were given the task of going to Suzzallo library. After getting into groups of 3, we went off to our locations, my group’s location being Suzzalo Cafe. We stayed there for a good 30 minutes observing many practices what people were doing, and talking it out to our groups so that we could maybe gain more insight in our findings. We then returned to class to start conjuring up a presentation.

We focused on 3 practices that really appealed to us, then formatted a presentation for in-class based on these practices. We then had to pick 1 practice that really surprised us, which was people putting their heads down in a loud cafe.

My Experience: 
In my experience with the sprint, it felt much more different than our other class sprints. First off, we exited the classroom and instead of our own ideas, or classmates, we were able to explore a more realistic setting, which was at Suzzallo’s cafe. It was very fun to observe other people and talk it out with my group. Also, the presentation went well overall, and my team worked fluidly.

Project Highlights:
What I liked about this sprint was how we were able to make ideas and practices based on real subjects, while being able to be in groups to discuss it. However i will say that I am unhappy about the main topic of what we had to do for the Deliverable. Besides that, I enjoyed the Sprint as we got into groups, and were able to make multiple inferences on what practices we wanted to focus on and explain why.

Places or Other Relations to this Sprint:
I feel like User Research is a… situational type of work, where it is useful in certain circumstances, such as the purpose of trying to look for practices. However, in the setting where trying to create new ideas, looking for practices will not be as efficient than brainstorming with others, and sketches. I also have the feeling that User Research is more for searching for information, with no real objective, which can have data, but varied data that cannot all be used. In the end, User Research was fun, but in a work ethic situation, I feel it to be optional, and it has its certain usages.

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