You’ve been hearing about it for months, demand for precious metals like gold and silver is through the roof as investors seek to hedge and rebalance their financial position. Some are adding crypto to their portfolio, but many are asking themselves the more traditional question… what percentage should be kept in gold & silver?

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This motivation to diversify into precious metals has meant that Bullion dealers are rushed off their feet with many running out of stock, and only able to offer delayed delivery options. But if the objective is to quickly gain exposure to precious metals in a secure way, ie full reserve and not paper contracts, then there are several blockchain projects who have tokenized metals already, effectively meeting this objective. The question then is, who should you trust and where can you purchase?

Metex Exchange is a new crypto friendly metals exchange, and they’ve made it easier than ever to trade highly liquid crypto currencies for precious metals. …

The tokenization of assets is not a new concept, however blockchain related solutions are now disrupting traditional players, and this innovation is now giving token holders added utility. Users can now take full control of their tokenized assets, moving them to their own digital wallets or even engage in the decentralized finance (Defi) ecosystem.

The most popular physical assets being tokenized on the blockchain are precious metals such as Gold and Silver. Companies such as Digix, Ainslie or Metex are already tokenizing precious metals, leveraging the ethereum network as its highly secure online distributed ledger. …

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Introduction to Metex

Blockchain technology is slowly infiltrating traditional investment and trading systems bringing with it benefits such as programmable trust and the removal of unnecessary layers. With the right framework, trade can now occur securely even through a peer to peer interaction, without the need to go through unnecessary intermediaries or re-sellers. Smart contracts and block chain ledgers are now redefining the future of trade and disrupting best practice.

METEX, like many other companies, has foreseen this transition and are focused on the tokenization and online trade of precious metals.

METEX is an Australian registered company who has successfully tokenized precious metals leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. Each METEX token is a full reserve token meaning it’s 100% backed by metals stored within secure vaults in Australia. These holdings are regularly audited ensuring a 1:1 ratio is always maintained for user peace of mind. METEX aims to democratize the access and trade of metals starting with Platinum and Palladium. …

Metex Exchange

Metex Exchange is an online trading platform allowing users to trade tokenized metals among themselves such as gold and silver tokens. http://www.Metex.Exchange

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