It was my honor this weekend to serve on the #IMsL2016 Jury with this amazing trail blazer- Judy Tallwing Mc Carthey.

Over the years, I have championed Native American Sexual Freedom especially in social media. Having met Jessica Danforth in 2012 at the National Sex Ed Conference and heard her compassionate Keynote on Two Spirit, Multi-Generational communication, poverty and politics — all centered on Indigenous Reproductive Justice, I have been keenly aware that Indigenous needs are all but forgotten in this culture.

Judy was the first winner of the International Ms Leather award in 1987. A full blood Apache, she wore her sexuality bravely, openly and with no excuses. Here is a speech she made, courtesy of The Leather Archives & Museum

“An invisible minority leaves itself open, as easy prey, for those individuals who would deny us our freedom, our very existence, and we’re here tonight being very visible and we have to continue to do that.”

The fact that this beautiful woman, now 71 is still showing up being seen, affirming both her own sexual freedom as well as her cultures, and our cultures is inspiring. And to be able to help her in and our of her chair… is something I’ll always cherish.

Judy Tallwing Mc Carthey is a #PleasureRevolutionary

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