Sushma Anandu — An Experienced And Knowledgeable Chief Marketing Officer At Metrocorp

It can be a tough call to find a firm that can render outstanding land improvement and real estate solutions for both commercial and residential sector, but this task is simplified by Metrocorp to a great extend. They are committed to offering remarkable services to their clients through which they can fetch high returns on investment. This real estate firm works on transparent policies and this is clearly see through their state-of-the-art services. They have assisted a number of clients throughout the entire process of financing till purchasing property. They have earned a reputed name in the industry, and it is their remarkable services and exceptional marketing policies that made them reach at the peak of success. Sushma Anandu, the Chief Marketing Officer has offered the firm a new dimension by designing effective marketing policies. She is responsible for crafting marketing and sales strategies of the firm. She has developed programs with quantifiable objectives to measure results.

Before formulating their policies, she first understood their goals, objectives, and the present marketing condition at that time. Sushma Anandu is accountable for implementing and managing the marketing budget. She creates and develops innovative ways to transfer the prime targets of the firm to other departments. She plays a vital role in crafting annual sales, marketing plans, and goals for market growth, etc. She develops plans for advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling and sales management. She forecasts the growth rate and revenue incurred yearly, through which she designs strategies for the development of the firm.

She understands all the aspects of the market, and this enables her to render services that can generate more profits for the firm. She has years of experience in her hands due to which she is able to offer them remarkable marketing services. Sushma Anandu has created a distinct identity in the market through her unique working style. She has been associated with the firm for more than 5 years, and it is her experience that has helped her deliver the best. She is regarded as one of the most innovative and skilled marketing officers of the firm. She is quite appreciated by her colleagues for her dedication towards work.

She has successfully completed an assortment of projects of the firm, and it is her dedication that made all this possible. She knows inside out of marketing industry which has guided her towards the path of success. She oversees marketing initiatives within Metrocrop and directs marketing mediums. She strives to develop areas, including sales management, distribution channel management, marketing communications, advertising and promotions, pricing, market research, customer services, etc.

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