1 Day Until Metronome’s Launch

Metronome Token
Jun 17, 2018 · 2 min read
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The much anticipated Metronome Initial Supply Auction is about to begin! In just one day at Midnight UTC on June 18 (8:00 ET on June 17), the Metronome auction will begin. Here are some important reminders for participation to keep you safe and in-the-know:

  • Be sure to read the Owner’s Manual and other supporting documentation found on metronome.io.
  • The only official Metronome website is Metronome.io, its only official Telegram is https://t.me/metronometoken and its only official Twitter is @MTNToken. Double check everything, from URLs to handles, to stay safe!
  • The Metronome symbol is MET.
  • Participation is direct interaction with the contract itself, interaction through the website Auction Board, and interaction within the “auction” tab in the Metronome wallet.
  • The only genuine Metronome auction contract address is: 0x9d9BcDd249E439AAaB545F59a33812E39A8e3072.
  • Any ERC20 compatible wallet may be used to participate, but you can also download the official Metronome wallet. Please make sure that you have downloaded the 1.0.0 version of the wallet for use.
  • The Initial Supply Auction utilizes a descending price auction, where the price starts intentionally high and ticks down incrementally toward its intentionally low price floor as long as the auction is open. The price is not averaged out. Purchasers will receive their Metronome almost immediately after purchase, at the price they purchased. Purchasers should purchase only when they feel the price of MET to be fair.
  • Metronome purchased during the Initial Supply Auction become usable when the Initial Supply Auction ends.
  • Once the Initial Supply Lot ends–after seven full days or until all MET are sold– the Daily Supply Lots begin the following midnight UTC, which we’ll announce across our social channels.

The Metronome team thanks the community for its incredible –frankly, humbling– level of support. Engineering a built-to-last cryptocurrency was no small feat, and the team looks forward to continuing to build Metronome with its community post launch.

More to come,

-The Metronome team

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