Metronome 2019 Year in Review

Metronome Token
Dec 30, 2019 · 2 min read

For the Metronome team, 2019 can be summarized as a year of building — building the team, the project, and the foundation for continued progress in 2020.

Building the Community

The past year, Metronome was featured on some of the largest global stages and in more intimate settings where the team was able to interact face-to-face with members of the community. At the Binance Hackathon and Conference, Metronome’s chief designer Jeff Garzik served as a judge for the hackathon and discussed Metronome on stage. Then at Consensus 2019 in New York City, Metronome was featured on-stage in a panel with Matthew Roszak, and in a more in-depth workshop setting with Jeff Garzik and lead engineer Manoj Patidar. Managing director Jordan Kruger also spoke at a Metronome Meetup in Chicago and discussed the first chainhop from ETH to ETC among other topics.

A Year of Innovation

Metronome made history earlier this year by executing the first cross-blockchain chainhop, from Ethereum to Ethereum Classic. This was important both in terms of executing on a major goal of the project and for telegraphing our intentions to present Metronome as the digital asset that “Decentralized Finance” truly requires.

In 2019, Metronome became more available to users and potential users with offerings on new exchanges and through the new-and-improved Metronome website. This site upgrade not only gives current and potential users a look into the origins of the Metronome project, but also offers options to purchase Metronome directly from the browser. Metronome’s verification through the Messari Disclosures Registry also gave the project an added layer of credibility.

Building the Team

Lastly, Metronome grew with the addition of several new team members, including a new engineer and DeFi Strategist. Stay tuned for the announcement of the team’s new community manager next month.

Onward Into the Future

For 2020, the Metronome team will focus on making improvements to the backend of the platform to ensure a seamless user experience. Part of this includes updating Metronome’s wallet infrastructure, performing additional audits to the Validator code, and other items related to chainhops planned for 2020.

The team is also focused on new initiatives and partnerships to solidify Metronome’s position as a key component of the emerging DeFi landscape. On one level, we like to say that Metronome was “DeFi before ‘DeFi’ became a thing,” owing to the interplay of Metronome’s core smart contracts. But, on another level, we strongly believe that Metronome is the digital asset that DeFi most needs, pointing to its future beyond Ethereum.

As always, thank you for your continued support and for an amazing year. We can’t wait for what’s in store in 2020 and beyond.

More to come,

The Metronome Team

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