Metronome: A Tour of the Code Behind the First Cross-Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Metronome Token
May 8 · 2 min read

Next week, Metronome’s chief designer Jeff Garzik and I will take the stage for Consensus Construct (Concourse Level, Hilton Midtown) to present the first public, in-depth look at Metronome’s codebase.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Introduction to Metronome — This section is a quick introduction to Metronome, its goals, and why the team built it. Attendees will be asked to download the Metronome wallet on either mobile device or their laptop. To help with hands-on experience, each attendee will receive a paper wallet preloaded with some MET and ETH — easily imported on their new wallets.
  • In-depth consideration and presentation of Metronome’s smart contracts — Diving into the code, this section explores how the Metronome contract set works, who audited what, and the code itself.
  • Explanation of Validator network code and implementation — This portion of the presentation, Jeff and I will show how Metronome successfully hops between chains — offering maximum portability to users.
  • Exploration of the (token)economics — Dissecting how the contracts work and affect token economics, this final sprint of the presentation considers the current and possible future tokenomics such as volatility dampening.

Following the presentation, Jeff and I will take questions from the crowd and can be found in the Bloq private room (Clinton room, Second floor, Hilton) for additional discussion.

See you at Consensus,

Manoj Patidar is a principal engineer for Bloq, and one of the engineers on the Metronome team