Metronome AMA Wrap Up–July 2019

Metronome Token

Recently, Metronome chief designer Jeff Garzik and principal engineer Manoj Patidar hosted an AMA in the official Metronome Telegram.

Here are some of the main topics covered:

The Next Chainhops

Community members were particularly excited about the next hops in addition to the recent Ethereum to Ethereum Classic (and back) chainhops. Jeff noted that Qtum and RSK were next on the docket and gave the conservative estimate of about six months (though it could be sooner) prior to those chains’ deployment. Research into EOS and Cardano as target chains is also underway.

Jeff called upon the community to help identify the blockchains where they would like to see Metronome contracts deployed beyond the already mentioned chains.

Validator Network, Fees, and Future Phases

Jeff, Manoj, and the community discussed how Validators work and the future of validating chainhops. When considering fees, Jeff said that the Validator fee (currently set to 0.5% of the MET transferred) was a necessary step so as not to operate at a deep loss — running software and hardware is not free. Manoj noted that the fee structure can be updated should the need arise. Future iterations of chainhops will not require fees after Validators are phased out.

Phases Two and Three of chainhop validation, as Jeff mentioned, are a bit hard to predict for a timeline. The Validator Network may expand to more than the current five Validators prior to rolling out Phase Two. There is also a possibility that phase three may leapfrog phase two altogether.

Community Outreach

The team is aiming to facilitate more frequent community engagement, with more AMAs and meetups in the future. Jeff said “We hear you and definitely agree” when discussing feedback with the community on engagement.

Additionally, the team is looking into hackathons and considering which make the most sense in a post-chainhop ecosystem.

Join the conversation in the Metronome Telegram, on Twitter, or check out our new Messari Crypto Board.

Stay tuned for more to come,

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