Consensus 2019 Wrap Up

Metronome Token
May 23 · 2 min read

Metronome had a strong presence at Consensus 2019, with both an in-depth workshop presentation and a booth in the Bloq private room. Here are some of the highlights:

Coffee, Conversations, and Converters

Metronome Project Lead Jordan Kruger and Bloq Head of Community Dariusz Jakubowski were available in the Bloq private room during for community members and conference goers to come discuss Metronome. For many, this was their first interaction with the Metronome system. For those more familiar with Metronome, Consensus gave the opportunity for the team to demonstrate the testnet chainhops and the Autonomous Converter contract in action.

Key takeaways:

  • Metronome contract behavior, particularly the ACC, were of particular interest to attendees. “DeFi” (for “Distributed Finance”) was a hot buzzword at Consensus and, as Metronome Chief Architect Jeff Garzik pointed out during the Metronome workshop (see below), “Metronome was DeFi before ‘DeFi’ was a thing.”
  • Portability, as a means to greater endurance and chain independence, was an apparent and necessary feature for attendees once explained.
  • Principal design features, while interesting on their own, created “a-ha” moments for booth visitors when explained in the context of the greater system goals and design.

A Tour of Metronome

Metronome’s Principal Engineer Manoj Patidar joined Jeff for the first guided tour of Metronome’s code to a room of developers and enthusiasts. Attendees received paper wallets preloaded with ETH and MET, which allowed them to interact with the Metronome system’s various components.

Encouraged to stand up with questions, the crowd was not shy to learn more about the code. Questions about the Validator Network were particularly popular. Jeff explained the phases of the validation, noting the federated to decentralized path that all open source projects tend to take.

Jeff and Manoj also demonstrated how the API calls work, as well as how the TokenPorter and validator code work — the key parts of making inter-blockchain portability a reality. Jeff closed the talk with why portability was important: a key part of self governance MET owners can vote where they hold their MET. It gives them the freedom of choice to move to what the best chain is for them. “There’s a huge amount of choice in the Metronome ecosystem for the owners.”

More to come,

The Metronome Team