Metronome Minute — Ignacio Anaya

Metronome Token
Jan 24 · 3 min read

In the Metronome Minute, we ask members of the Metronome team a few questions about their role, expertise, and what interests them about the cryptocurrency.

This week we feature Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, a full stack developer, tech trainer, and speaker. A Bloq developer and a member of the Metronome team, Nacho bring his years of experience and expertise into making projects and products flourish.

Ignacio Anaya

What is your role on the Metronome team?

I was part of the engineering team. I helped develop several tools in the Metronome ecosystem: desktop wallet, explorer, REST API, indexer, tracer, and parts of the website.

What excites you most about Metronome?

I like the idea of multi-chain portability. Users have the choice to move their tokens to different blockchains where contracts are deployed and that is something I’ve never seen before. In terms of engineering, it’s very innovative but challenging because it broke the existing crypto paradigms to build something new, something different.

I am really proud to be part of this project 💪

What do you think have been the greatest challenges in bringing this cryptocurrency to life?

While auditing and testing the contracts to ensure we got it right was challenging, I found myself personally challenged as well. Full disclosure: This was my first blockchain project ever. I’m amazed by the tools we built around Metronome. Creating an ETH-based cryptocurrency is not that hard, but creating a cryptocurrency focused on users, their experience, and an ability to port between chains is no small task. This is to say nothing of building the infrastructure outside of the protocol itself, like wallets that can support these features.

We have an entire ecosystem running behind Metronome to make it more user-friendly. That was our main goal from the beginning and I think we achieved it.

What do you hope will be the most-used application of Metronome?

Well, I think that the main purpose of Metronome is to be a low-fee, reliable cryptocurrency.

I would like to start seeing custom applications that use or interact with metronome. We always talk with the team about creating a tipping bot using metronome I hope we can do it soon.

Where were you when the initial supply auction started and ended?

I was at home with my computer, I had to make some final code tweaks on parts of the website before initial auction started.

I was excited but maybe a little nervous. A lot of what we did hadn’t been done before and it needed to be right the first time., Fortunately everything went ok.

I don’t remember when I was when it ended, but I was happy and relieved! It was a great success for the whole Metronome team 🥂


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