Metronome Minute: Jaclyn Kramer

Metronome Token
Jan 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Metronome is led by some of the most respected names in cryptocurrency: Chief Architect, Jeff Garzik, Chairman and co-founder, Matthew Roszak, and Chief Cryptographer, Peter Vessenes. They and the rest of the Metronome team envisioned this new cryptocurrency. This series gives a brief profile on other members of the talented team behind Metronome.

Jaclyn Kramer — Metronome Marketing Lead

Jaclyn is Metronome’s marketing lead. She has a long history of strategic marketing experience in the software industry. Jaclyn also serves as Bloq’s CMO, and is also President and CEO of Onramp, a marketing and design agency that, among other industries, focuses on the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Q: Jaclyn, what is your role in Metronome?

A: It is my job to build content and marketing strategies for Metronome. I work closely with marketing –obviously–, team leaders, and developers to ensure all the exciting and relevant information gets to the community without losing any accuracy.

Q: What excites you most about Metronome?

A: There are many firsts with Metronome, and perhaps the most exciting first –for me– is the use of a descending price auction for the initial distribution of MTN. Every aspect of this auction is hoping to fix issues common to other ICOs today, and seeing how the market responds to a descending price auction will be incredible. I would not be surprised if in the future economists study how the MTN auctions work.

Q: What do you think has been the greatest challenge in bringing this cryptocurrency to life?

A: Extensive testing and quality assurance. Since Metronome will be self-adapting and self-governing once launched, we don’t have the same luxury that some other software developers have. It needs to work perfectly once launched, because there is no redo on this.

Q: What do you hope will be the most used application of Metronome?

A: I think everyone on the Metronome team is most excited for Metronome as an operational currency. The deflationary nature, volatility, and high fees of many cryptocurrencies today make them less than ideal for use as a functional currency. An example is Ethereum, which is fast, popular, and cheap to transact with, unless you want to do batch payments — then you have to pay a fee for every transaction and that adds up. Metronome will bring the mass pay many are accustomed to from Bitcoin and have it work on (among others) the Ethereum network.

Q: Where will you be when the auction starts?

A: I’ll be at my office space, probably on a conference line with all of our team members to witness the launch of Metronome and watching the price tick down as the auction continues.

The Metronome team is proud of all its talented and knowledgeable members and appreciates the contributions they make. To contribute to the discussion, join Metronome’s Telegram. For the latest news, and next Metronome Minute article, be sure to follow Metronome on Twitter.

More to come,

  • The Metronome Team

UPDATE: For various reasons, the Metronome team has chosen to use the new ticker “MET.”

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