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Jan 21 · 2 min read

Last week thousands of crypto-participants flocked to Miami for the start of Miami Blockchain Week and, more specifically, The North American Bitcoin Conference. When I arrived that Thursday, the week was already in full swing, with CEOs, retail investors and a lot of familiar faces in the Blockchain ecosystem. The overall feeling at the event was a sense of pride and excitement.

To tell you the truth, I was feeling some of that pride and excitement myself as I made my way around the event and introduced Metronome to interested parties. General interest in DeFi and Metronome’s overall goals were the two elements that made the Metronome project familiar amongst participants.

After spending the first half of Friday at TNABC, we travelled a half mile along the palm tree lined streets to the Miami Blockchain Center for the first Metronome meetup of 2020 — and my first as community manager.

After a few light snacks and a giveaway of Metronome t-shirts (naturally), we held our fireside chat with a very engaging crowd who generally had at least a basic knowledge of crypto.

Jordan started off discussing the history of Metronome and the vision that was discussed in 2017, then executed in 2018. I followed up with questions about the three pillars of Metronome — self-governance, reliability, and portability — and the system’s smart contracts. One attendee was curious about the difference between portability and atomic swaps, which is a question we get a lot. However, once we explained that MET remains the underlying asset no matter what chain it’s on, I think his question helped all attendees realize Metronome really does have a superior approach.

We started 2020 off strong: listing on Bancor, support on Totle Swap, improvements to chainhops, and now a successful Metronome meetup at TNABC — all in the first month. Looking forward to the rest of the year.

More to come,

The Metronome Team

Isaiah Jackson is Community Manager for the Metronome Project.

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