Metronome Update — August 2019

Metronome Token
Sep 5 · 2 min read

In August, the Metronome team was hard at work developing and testing the upcoming Qtum and RSK chainhops. Additionally, the team continued to build content and explore community engagement opportunities.

ETC Summit this October

The ETC Summit is one of the premier conferences surrounding Ethereum Classic and projects building on it. The team is proud to have Metronome’s principal engineer, Manoj Patidar, speak during the conference.

There, he’ll discuss Metronome’s chainhop functions and its behavior on the Ethereum Classic chain. Much like on Ethereum, Metronome brings its broad functionality to Ethereum Classic. This means that mass pay and subscription features are both callable on Ethereum Classic just like on Ethereum. Manoj will also explain how the contract set works on the Ethereum Classic chain to help educate and spread awareness through the Ethereum Classic community itself.

Qtum Chainhop and the Metronome Wallet

As noted on the Metronome website, additional chain support is on track for later this year. The team is pleased to announce that the Metronome contract set for Qtum is undergoing the same rigorous audits that Ethereum and Ethereum Classic underwent, but with an additional audit by the Qtum Core team itself.

This is exciting for us, as the Qtum Core team obviously knows their platform inside-out and it also further strengthens Validator participation in the Metronome codebase.

The Metronome team is also working to integrate Qtum into the existing Metronome Wallet, to ensure that once the Metronome contract set is deployed on Qtum the community will be able to port immediately.

Decentralizing Decentralized Networks Post

Decentralizing Decentralized Networks is an article on the Metronome blog that offered the Metronome, and wider cryptocurrency, community insight into one of the most interesting aspects of Metronome — its ability to further decentralize decentralized networks through portability.

In essence, MET’s ability to chainhop allows its owners to choose the governance, security, and community needs that they had while maintaining the same cryptocurrency — much like one might expect to do with fiat money between banks in the legacy financial system. The post argues that this increases the “moniness” of MET, echoing what Metronome chief designer says about Metronome “it’s just money.

Stay tuned in the coming months for what’s next with Metronome — Chainhops, wallets, events, and more exploration into DeFi.

More to come,

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