Metronome Update — March 2019

Metronome Token
Apr 3 · 2 min read

In March 2019, the Metronome team successfully executed Ethereum-to-Ethereum-Classic (and back) testnet transfers of MET, began testing the same on Qtum, updated the timeline for contract deployment on these networks, represented at a meetup in Amsterdam, and more.

Here’s a wrap up:

Testnets and timelines

In the most recent update, the Metronome team showed its successful transfer of MET from Ethereum to Ethereum Classic and back. The accompanying video showed how this would look to Metronome wallet users. Additionally, private node testnet testing of the same action with the Qtum network was successful, and the team is hopeful that Qtum and Ethereum Classic contract deployment might be simultaneous.

While the code is ready for deployment, the team did decide to update the deployment timeline to Q2 of 2019 in order to onboard additional validators (an ongoing process) for the greatest possible decentralization at the beginning of the validator network.

The team also identified a few shortlist contenders for target chains following the deployment of Qtum, Ethereum Classic, and RSK contracts: EOS and Cardano.

BitcoinWednesday meetup in Amsterdam

Bloq’s Jenna Pilgrim presented Metronome to a well attended meetup group in Amsterdam, BitcoinWednesday. While speaking at the Bitcoin Wednesday meetup, she was able to connect with one of the top Metronome community contributors, who aptly goes by the pseudonym “Nakamoto.” A passionate communicator and a highly knowledgeable technical mind, it was great to meet more of the community in person.

Metronome’s smart-contract structure was fascinating to the audience at the meetup, as was — of course — the news of our first successful “chain-hop” on testnet which occurred last month. Jenna discussed this and more with community members at a high level.

We look forward to more opportunities to connect with the community.


Following the successful testnet chainhops of MET between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, the team set their sights on Qtum, and onboarding validators for the validator network. To accommodate this, the timeline was updated. The team is looking into even more connection opportunities with the community, like last month’s Amsterdam meetup.

More to come,

The Metronome team