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Metronome Token
Sep 10 · 2 min read

Metronome community members may have already noticed the updates made to the project’s website: a revamped user experience, updated graphics, and new content.

So what’s new?

The home page for has a more comprehensive navigation with quick links to all new sections of the website. One of the overall goals was to allow visitors to have all the information they need upon landing on the page, then “click for detail” as they saw fit.

At the very top, statistics and information show market and auction data. Just under that, there are three cards for MET buying options, from the Metronome daily auction, the Converter Contract on Ethereum (you’ll need MetaMask), any of the third party exchanges that support MET. Clicking any one of these will help any visitor easily purchase MET.

Downloading the Metronome wallet is also simpler now, with links available just under the fold of the homepage. The wallet is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Community members might already be familiar with the “Engage” page from the old website design — the new website has similar pages for purchasing Metronome and for building with Metronome. Check out the “Buy” and “Build” pages to see what’s new there.

The Roadmap and About sections hold information on upcoming port targets (Qtum set for late 2019 and RSK now early 2020), the future of the Validator network, and more general information about Metronome and its team. Lighter versions of this information can also be found toward the bottom of the homepage, just beneath the Metronome “Transparency Verified” Messari Disclosures Registry badge.

As necessary, the team will make updates to the website, and highly encourage the community to provide feedback in the form of GitHub issues on the website repository.

More to come,

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