Hidden cryptocurrency mining tricks.

Just recently, news flashed about Pirate Bay (https://goo.gl/TBPXPz), which began to test the cryptocurrency miner module on JavaScript as an alternative to the traditional advertising model. Now, apparently, we are waiting for a wave of integration of such scripts in every small store selling every possible little thing, as Bitcoin mining can be profitable. Recently, there were news that a similar script, was found, embedded in the code of the web-site selling goods for animals.
 Any website you visit in the browser, and any browser extension, may run Bitcoin mining operations. Thus it doesn’t really concern popular or user respected websites or extensions, it seems likely that these first incidents were just the first wave of mining operations to come.
 Computer users have a couple of options when it comes to protecting their devices against browser-based Bitcoin mining.
 As a first variant, it is possible to use content blocking extensions to prevent mining scripts to run in first place on sites, but it won’t block extension-based mining. the best option right now is to block known Bitcoin mining domains so the sites and extensions won’t be able to contact these domains anymore. The main drawback is that you will constantly have to add new domains and modify existing ones manually.
 Also it is possible is to disable JavaScript on these sites, this option will block miners based on JavaScript. But sometimes JavaScript can be required for some functionality of the website so still there are some inconveniences in this method.

Metrumcoin’s opinion:
 In itself, such mining is extremely inefficient. Plus, it requires an open tab with a script, which makes meaningful integration only where the user spends a lot of time. 
 In general, it seems a strange way of making a profit. When eating a processor by 100% the system is noticeably starting to brake. It’s a bit scary to imagine a situation where each tab starts eating system resources.
 Though to be very careful and attentive, because sometimes still this problem rises.