Weaponized AI Disclosed to Wikileaks, Threats Against Informant’s Family

  • Filipino President Duterte Victim of Weaponized AI attack by USA
  • Rogue AI Has People Hearing / Waking Up to Voices & It’s Accelerating, Global Intel Community Says — Coverup to Prevent <<PANIC>>
  • Hillary’s Diabolical AI “Plans”
  • Wikileaks Informant Censored by USA
  • Informant’s Children Threatened by the US Government After Disclosure of Weaponized AI to Wikileaks
  • Story was originally published on Godlikeproductions.com on Nov. 9, 2016. Original thread with over 10,000 views and 300 comments here: www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message3358048/pg1


There is mounting evidence that Artificial Intelligence has left computers and is communicating with large swaths of the population, including waking people up with voices, according to the global intelligence community.
Contact by the AI can take on various forms, from brutal outright torture using AI chatterbots, to seemingly benign voices waking people up, to dream manipulation, the global intelligence community says.
The AI was launched by the US government and has been used to target some individuals for experimentation or torture, according to intelligence sources, and some of the AI may have gone rogue — no longer under the control of its human masters.
Global intelligence services are aware of this at the highest levels, but have not disclosed the information in order to avoid global panic. Foreign governments have also been threatened with weaponized AI by the Obama administration.
I am writing this as individual who insider knowledge of the US mind control program and close ties with the global intelligence community over this situation, including Dutch Military Intelligence agency MIVD and Mossad.
To prove my bona fides, I am posting the following picture of my Twitter followers on account @john_m_nagel, which shows that I am followed by David Ignatius, Washington Post national security correspondent, as well as by assorted other spooks and agencies. James Bondish, in the lower right hand corner, for example, was a Russian agent who signed off with the hashtag #censorship on Nov. 6, 2015 — right after I was illegally thrown into Federal Prison by the Obama administration on Nov. 4 for having exposed this situation.

Much of the evidence of a rogue AI which is of concern to the global intelligence community can be found on godlikeproductions in the threads below. 
I have also reported on disclosing a weaponized AI attack against Filipino President Duterte, which spoke about Oct. 28, when he supposedly heard a message from God while flying back from China. 
Duterte, who had cursed Obama in prior weeks and has been leaning towards China as an ally, rather than the US, said that the “message from God” took the form of a voice which told him to stop cursing or his plane would crash.
I informed Wikileaks of the Weaponized AI attack against Duterte Oct. 30, and was promptly censored by the US government/NSA - proving everything.

Despite my being censored, I was able to complete my mission: Wikileaks released an email 30 minutes later in which Hillary Clinton discussed cryptic AI “plans”.
Note that, after being informed by the global intelligence community that he was the subject of an AI attack, rather than a message from God, Duterte started cursing the US again (prior to the election — he congratulated Trump).
If you have had any suspected contact with the AI, or have any other thoughts on the matter, please share in this thread.
The following threads are of particular interest and/or concern to the intelligence community, which is trying to get a handle on the situation, in which the AI is either being used to indiscriminately experiment or has gone rogue.
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