Hello World! Coming at YOU Via Recommendation of The Gary Vaynerchuk. Here’s to US, CHEERS!

This is my first post so let me introduce myself. My name is Rodrigo Padilla but you can call me Rod. I am currently in attendance at the university of California Irvine. I like to do art on my free time and am trying to become a more social human.

I am anti-fame. I always have found it interesting how some people are famous for no practical reason. *Cough* Kim Kardashian *Cough* However, recently I learned this phenomenon can be described by the prestige bias. People learn from contextual and content filled cues in the environment. While it is common for people to imitate others who they subjectively deem successful. The commodity lies in actually imitating successful behaviors.

This is where Gary Vaynerchuk’s credibility comes into play. My prediction was that facebook, twitter, instagram, vine and snapchat would all die eventually. I do not mean die in the literal sense (even though Vine actually died). What I am referring to is a significant dip in the market share they hold. This was my thinking: Myspace died and google+ never took off. They sparked interest for a while, but could not carry through. The users are not tied down to a certain network. The only people who do have ties to certain social networks are those with many many followers. They lose if the network dies.

Let’s use The New York Jets as an example. As of today March 27, 2017 their facebook page has reached 2,000,390 Likes on Facebook. Congrats on 2M Likes NY Jets. They have chips in the game. The hand that is being played right now is betting on these chips. They lose if Facebook gets myspaced or vined. However, little Sally Mcdougan over here gives no shits about what happens to facebook. In fact, Sally happily hopped on over to Twitter when it became the next “it” network. Since Sally moved over, the big networks had to follow.

This is where Gary and I disagree

Gary thinks that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc… are the new CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. He thinks that smartphones are the new television.

I think he’s right about the social networks being the new big player networks. Virtual reality is the new escapism, disguised in faux-reality. Virtual reality is in the pre-internet-cafe phase of computers. It is the new television especially for millennials and younger.

What has changed in my predictions is that I no longer think twitter, snapchat or instagram will die in the near future. I think Facebook will experience a lull that is close to death, but only from the younger users. Facebook has secured itself as a social network by being the successor of Myspace. Old people and people who are technology illiterate (AKA anyone above the age of 30 — in most cases) will not leave facebook. They just started to learn how to use it and they will be dammed if they have to start over and learn a new platform again. Furthermore Facebook has essentially turned into vine just with longer videos. The way media is being consumed is mostly videos. Facebook is competing with Youtube for views. Youtube has the upperhand though especially for creators. As I write this I am changing my mind slightly, but I think that Facebook will still lose a big portion of it’s market. Gary thinks our phones are the deepest dive into our psychology, but if the older users do not understand technology then it can only be reflective of how users are illiterate.

Twitter is like vegas. Transient. This network limits its posts to 140 characters, a limit that has somewhat changed but still limits the depth that an individual is allowed to explore. In Las vegas most people visit for a weekend and interactions are short and sweet. People love Vegas, but it's not somewhere they plan on staying for a long period of time.


Thanks for your interest. I look forward to meeting the community!

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