Week 1.0(University progress and some new movies)


I guess this is my blog, i dont know if medium is the place to post this but until i find the time to create my own website this will do. What’s the point of this?you might ask and honestly i don’t know. I guess i’m just trying to share what i did the past week, kind of like a short summary. Last week was interesting i had a calculus test but i didn’t make it, the reason is simple i did not study or go to the lectures for the last 7 weeks so instead i focused on my two other courses. On wednesday i had a presentation for my oop-project it went better than expected most definitely a pass(hey i’ll take the 5 ECTS).On friday i had the endterm for my Web and Database Technology class i did not study enough but i did manage pass(again i’ll take the 5 ECTS).Overall i did not spend enough time on my study this quarter but i did manage to pass 2/3 courses and with a resit i will be able to pass all 3.Thats enough about university.


This week i saw two movies the first one was split and the second one was the great wall(spoilers it wasn’t so great). Lets talk about split i think the strongest aspects of Split were the following: James McAvoy’s acting and the cinematography.Some of the shots were so beautifully shot. I was never really a fan of M Night but i do think this movie was overal pretty good and i recommend you check it out. The Great Wall wasn’t so great. It wasn’t the piece of shit i expected it to be. The two main characters had chemistry(sometimes) however, Pedro Pascal’s character for some reason kept saying “amigo” way too much. Another thing that made this a mediocre movie was the third act. I won’t go into detail as i honestly don’t think it’s worth my time. Someone decided to cut some pretty important scenes in the third act you can tell something is missing between one scene and the next. Overal i can’t recommend this one.


This was overal a good week I am sick but it’s nothing too bad(just a cold). Well i guess this was my first post and hopefully ill see you next week!

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