How to Use the OKX Wallet Web Extension to easily play Ankr

When you install the OKX Wallet Web Extension, you can play Ankr instantly.

OKX Wallet Web Extension | Ankr

Ankr tokens and the Defi ecosystem are now compatible with the OKX Wallet Web Extension.

Using the OKX Wallet Web Extension, you can easily and quickly store and manage your Ankr assets, as well as invest and participate in Ankr’s various Defi projects, all with just a few clicks. In just 3 minutes, you can be up and running with a powerful tool for discovering Web3 content by reading the tutorial provided below.

  • One of the first things you should do is install the OKX Wallet Web Extension, a tool for exploring the third-generation internet. — Use this link to download

Create a wallet
  • The next step is to have your own Web3 portal and use the OKX Wallet Web Extension to either create or import a wallet.
  1. Create a wallet

If you’re a rookie Web3 explorer who has yet to make a wallet, read this. OKX Wallet Web Extension allows you to easily create your first wallet with the following steps:

Create a new wallet by clicking the button on the main page and entering a secure password.

2. Add in a Wallet

If you’re an experienced player with your own wallet, you can easily import your mnemonic or private key into the OKX Wallet Web Extension to view and manage your assets in a unified interface, all while taking advantage of the OKX Wallet Web Extension’s support for 25+ public chains.

Add in a Wallet
  • Get started on your Web3 adventure by activating it; there are several different ways to do this.

1: Make a note of the wallet’s address and send funds there.

To complete the process, click the “Copy Address” button in the figure below, find the wallet address for the chain you wish to trade with, and send funds to that address.

2. You can top your account by scanning the QR code and sending money to the indicated account.

The “Receive” button can be used to locate the Ankr currency, click through to the payment page, and then use a mobile exchange or wallet to scan and transfer the funds.

3. OKX Wallet Web Extension allows for fund transfers and top-ups from the OKX exchange.

To Activate the OK Exchange

After verifying the email and mobile phone verification codes, the transfer is complete. Steps include clicking the asset tab, clicking to withdraw, searching for the network, selecting the network, scanning the code or pasting the address, entering the quantity, and clicking the withdraw button.

  • Connecting the OKX Wallet Web Extension on the Ankr official website is the fourth step toward experiencing the Ankr ecosphere with minimal effort.
  1. See if an OKX wallet is listed among the linked wallets. When that’s the case, go ahead and select the OKX wallet connection shown in the following image.

2. To access your OKX wallet, click the MetaMask icon if the OKX wallet option is not visible. OKX is compatible with the MetaMask protocol.

If you have any questions about the OKX Wallet Web Extension , you can join Discord or ask questions via Email.





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