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At some point in all of our lives’ we reflect on the lives we have and the future we all look forward to. And we all wonder to ourselves how will we ever survive? It all starts with a wake from a nearby hospital that has been evacuated from everyone in the city.

With this curious pilot, the cast of The Walking Dead surely makes sense on how each audience member ends up hoping for a brighter and better future. With its jaw-dropping episodes that have you hanging onto the edge of your seat never knowing what to expect.

Although TWD episodes leave the audiences in a whirl, the plot of the episodes doesn’t seem to change. Starting off with a slow beginning and adding on some dead walkers, where to go from there, no one really knows. Except for the near deaths of many popular characters within the show, it finally ends with a huge cliff-hanger that leaves you wanting more.

With that being noted, what really drives each viewers attention? Would it be the blood and gore brought on from the walking dead, the suspenseful terror of a loved character getting killed off or possibly the heartwarming touch of each reunion the cast members come to face. Whatever the case may be in these stories, TWD fans are left with their teeth grinding each other for the safest outcome.

When it comes to the characters, the fans of TWD can say they feel that they can relate to at least one character on TWD. As for Manuel Sanchez, a walking dead fan since season 5, can easily agree with this statement.

“I can honestly say that I can relate to Daryl Dixon more on a personal matter.” Sanchez said. “I see myself relating because of my addictive personality.”

The fascinating fact about TWD was the way that each show is a great reflection off of the comic books. However, the shows haven’t fully lived to the plot of the comics. Which kind of saddens the idea of the comics; TWD should have kept the main points from the original comics to fulfill the episodes. Impressively enough, it makes up for the lack of original points of the story.

Each episode now leaves the audience in question to where exactly the show will end up going or where the characters will end up.

TWD itself is a liberating show that has its audience biting and grinding their nails all awhile yelling at their T.V. screens to get rid of all ‘bad characters’.

“I think Shane from seasons one and two was the right person to kill off,” Sanchez said. “I would make sure Daryl survives. And honestly, id stop watching TWD if Daryl died.”

With relations to the characters the audience connects to at least one character on an emotional state of mind where the audience finds themselves whipping their eyes through tragic deaths of their beloved characters.

Although the story of TWD has many pros to the show, it also involves more cons than the lack of the true story from the comics. The unfortunate truth to each episode are the predictable ways, each episode nearly ends one way or the other depending on the scenes before.

However TWD turns it all around and makes everything okay again when that one word that flows through your mind about the fact that this show is completely awesome.

Each second the show is playing, the audience plays a part in it just as much as the characters do by challenging themselves on how to take this show. Is it still incredibly awesome or is it just full of anger that you couldn’t keep watching the show.

Why do we, as audience members, put ourselves through this torture of suspense and curiosity of something that was made to amuse the eye? How is it that one show can affect a person as much as TWD has to their viewers?

The questions are infinite; and the solution is what, we as their viewers, make of it. Overall the show is quite memorable and pleasing to watch. It is definitely a show to recommend to a friend in need of finding a new series to watch. Each episode leaves you to wanting the next with the same high energy as the last.

TWD is addictive and the unpleasing thought about how real the show actually feels that it brings such horror to the audience members that our world could greatly end the way TWD started, with no one to trust and no one in sight.

“As a person watching the same show over and over; it begins to affect you. It gives you a certain feeling, a sense, and emotion that it’s deeper than what you originally attempted it to be. It becomes a huge part of your life.” Sanchez said.

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