Bungee Is Your New Favorite Typeface for Multicolor and Vertical Typography

With today’s abundance of design options, standing out can prove to be a little tricky. Big cities tend to be saturated with different types of signage all vying for attention, usually positioned in vertical spaces in order to maximize limited space available.

The newest typeface in the block (pun intended), Bungee, created by David Jonathan Ross, is based on the common urban fixture we have associated with big, major cities (think Times Square in New York City, for example). It’s a nod to the urban sign, with added touches and stylistic alternates, without sacrificing readability — including the need (or lack thereof) for lowercase letters and proper spacing in this specific type.

Ross designed Bungee with various styles — Regular, Hairline, Inline, Outline, and Shade — that can be individually styled per layer. In addition, it comes with a collection of style accents like arrows, background shapes, and pointing hands, among others.

Designers can play with the typeface, mixing and matching styles that can complement each other. Bungee is another exciting addition to MicroCreatives’ collection of creative and quirky fonts.

Bungee can be downloaded from its creator’s website, as well as GitHub and Google Fonts.

Originally published at www.microcreatives.com.