The Logo Search Engine You Never Knew You Needed

Finding logos on the Internet might seem like a walk in the park all the time but there are instances wherein searching for a logo online takes up time more than you think it should. Graphic artists working on a web design that needs a brand logo might find this new website, the ubiquitously named Instant Logo Search, extremely helpful. Not only does this logo search engine comprise of thousands of accurate, high quality images, the website also offers two file options on downloading logos: PNG and SVG. Users can easily search for a logo and get results in an instant. One can download multiple files at once, by adding logos to a bucket and the download the whole bunch afterwards.

Web and graphic designers, including us at MicroCreatives, usually need accurate and updated brand logos to use for mockups and websites such as social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A go-to logo depot like Instant Logo Search is just what we need to find the logo we need, pronto.

Instant Logo Search was created and developed by Kogg, a group of software developers and designers.

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