untitled1 (prelude).

Before the sun fell, We were felt
We drank whiskey and dreamt dreams of indecency
Told secrets we promised to never tell
Before the summer fell, i was under her spell
She was under my skin
We smoked forbidden leaves to cure us of ourselves
In the midst of it all, I was in the midst of her
The sky fell around us, lust had led to our demise some said it was gods fault in the eyes of the righteous we were responsible for the sky’s fall
I never understood how Adam could be so taken with eve
that he’d risk it all till I met her and got lost
Not giving a fuck that we may be the cause
We danced in the debris
She sang to me melodies so sweet
That I didn’t care what anyone thought
I was in awe of it all he summer and my subsequent fall
Into (her)

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