Hackathon Highlights

Winning Projects from 2015 to Present

I thought 2017 was a good year for winning hackathons. This is when I started making gag projects or at least just came up with a decent name for the project. If you were wondering how I came up with FUPS, please read the first paragraph of this article. This was the year where I thought, if I can develop an app or website that makes people laugh, then I’ve already won.

freEDU.tech — SiliconHacks 2017

Won “Most Launchable Hack”

FUPS — DocuSign Hackathon 2017

Won “Best Implementation of DocuSign on Mobile”. Win is acknowledged around the 30 minute mark of this video: https://www.facebook.com/DocuSignAPI/videos/1363297613761590/

Broken Table — Reactathon 2017

Won 2nd place
We also won Roosts and met James Olander; the inventor!

Watch Corn Now — Hacktech 2017

Won “Best Potato Hack”

IsThisDomainNameAvailable.com — Hacktech 2017

Won “Best Domain Name from Domain.com”

I only won one hackathon in 2016 and that was at SF Day of Civic Hackathon at SF State with my friend David. I didn’t start Hackathon Reviews until 2017, but luckily an archive was made of the event.

I won my first hackathon in 2015 at the Mission Bit Mini Hackathon. I have no proof of winning, but here’s the game I made.