Don’t look at me; Talk to me

I wan’t to fly, i want to soar high, higher than anyone else around me. but i can’t! i just can’t fly when i know someone tied my ankles with rope that is impossible to break. I can’t fly when i know something will drag me down and fail again miserably. I want to cry but i ran out of tears already, i want to shout but my voice left me the time that i let him tie me, i want to ask for help but it seems like nobody sees me. They thought i’m fine, they thought i’m alright, they thought i chose not to spread my wings and explore, they thought i want this, they thought its my decision which they are wrong. I don’t want this, i want a life, i want freedom which i think is impossible to happen right now.

Never assume anything, when you see me smile what i really felt is the opposite. When i’m quiet, what i really want to do is shout.

Don’t look at me, ask me! talk to me! with that maybe you might help me.

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