Below us

Commander Bobby Winchester slammed his fist on the table. The overflow of papers fluttered to the ground like feathers. All the maps all the charts and nothing; there was no discovery of a new planet that they could live on, no place that the human race could run to. He turned and looked at the pictures pinned up to the world map on the wall.

The pictures didn’t show much, a blurred shape in the dark water here and there; an eye shining in the darkness like a tiny moon. He had already lost so many men to the monster. They didn’t know what it was but it had swallowed up almost all of the Neptune fleet.

He gave a heavy sigh and turned his attention to the TV in the corner of the room. The news reporter was talking about NASA’s newest venture into space, The Theseus 3. The public were told that it was a trip into beyond the stars, a quest to find life in space. They were all wrong. NASA had found life already, they had found so many different planets, but none that humans live on.

The public were so blind, Commander Bobby turned his head away from the screen, why would NASA investigate the stars when almost 80% of the oceans had been unexplored? But the world didn’t need to know the answer to that. Life wasn’t some movie were, when a threat rose a hero would save the world with an experiment. This was life and there was no other way. Bobby felt like he was on a platform, there were many options before him but all but one were slowly crumbling away.

His cell phone rang in his pocket. Picking it up, Bobby saw that it was Sargent Sam Williams. Sighing again he picked up.



“We have done it Bobby,” The glee was clear in Sam’s voice.

“You’ve found one?”

“Yes Theseus 2 reported to us an hour ago, there is one, we can go.”

“Go.” Bobby started shaking, he had thought it impossible.

“Yes, we all can.”

Tears welled in Bobby’s eyes.

“Commander?” Sam was still on the line.

“Just call me back.” Bobby hung up, Sam’s protests silenced in a click of a button.

They could leave.

They had done it.

They could get of the Earth before the creature got them all.