Ever feel like you’re never getting enough done? Or can get things done — but at the expense of your creativity?

illustration — the creative side of the brain, is it right brain versus left brain
illustration — the creative side of the brain, is it right brain versus left brain

I was that kid in the soccer league who failed at defending the goal because I was off in the field distracted by picking flowers.

I was always getting lost in my own world, thinking up a new idea or starting a new creative project.

But somewhere along the way, that part of me — that inner imaginative ‘Flower Girl’ picking flowers in the field, took a few hits.

Got weakened, blow by tiny blow.

Because as I grew as a woman shaped by social forces, another persona grew inside me.

I call her Girl Friday.

My Girl Friday is the part of me that’s…

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Many of my coaching clients who have identified their North Star have been saying things like, “I think I still have PTSD from the last recession…” or, “I’ve been through a recession before but…”

And this moment feels the same but is also different. We still don’t know what’s going to happen. There are unknown unknowns. That’s almost the hardest part. If you, like me, have a Type A part of yourself, that loss of control, of knowing what to expect, what to do, or how to prepare is one of the hardest things too.

In a downturn, there is…

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You’re working from home and you’re dreading it. In addition to the general cabin fever that sets in, and the challenges of focus, so many online meetings and virtual collaborations are just so….


You know what I mean — you’ve been there. On that lame Skype for Business conference call — you’re watching a presentation and you find yourself reviewing sliding back over those unread emails to sort because it’s so boring. Or maybe you’ve heard that awkward silence when a brave facilitator tries to get people in discussion and there’s crickets on the line?

[chirp. chirp. chirp.]


The truth is out there.

And no, this isn’t some kind of Mulder and Scully kind of thing.

The truth of how you can move from where you are in your career or business to where you want to go in your career is out there.

Want to become a nationally-known subject expert so you can land high profile projects?

The truth of how to get there is out there.

Always wanted to teach alongside your regular work?

The truth of how to get started is out there.

Want to move from small residential clients to creative arts-based clients?

Before I write this piece on habits, I just really need to preface:

I am hesitant to write this piece because I worry about it being just another piece of ‘productivity porn.’

You know what I mean — the articles and pieces that prey on our sense of not accomplishing enough. The ones that we stop to read when we’re procrastinating instead of getting that thing we’re putting off done.* …

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

I speak to many women who are feeling adrift in their career. They’re not sure if they’re in the right place, they are feeling lost in their career or business.

And many of them have something in common.

“I don’t have a mentor,” they tell me.
“I used to have mentors and now I don’t.”

These are dedicated women. They put in the work and really focus on getting it done. And that hard work has served them in the past.

And early in their career, that hard work attracted people to them who saw their hard work and believed…

Last month I did something I’d never done before in my business.

I took a three week sabbatical.

To paint.

I’d been running my business for about five years and I could feel something coming on — I couldn’t quite tell if it was burnout or something akin….

For me, running a business is kind of like having a creative problem.

Except it’s like having a bunch of interrelated creative problems all at the same time. (Is the service the right one? Am I delivering it effectively? Am I offering it to the right people? …

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Remember that 60’s song?

Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’, ….. That won’t get you into his arms…..

Thanks Dusty Springfield for that song….. Suuuuuper empowering.

Now, I’m not saying that you’re sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring……. But it’s possible you’re channeling a little bit of that 60’s chick energy in you career or business — that you’re waiting to be picked.

Show him that you care just for him….


As much as I’m belting that out for myself right now, it’s not the answer.

Because if you feel like you’re waiting to be chosen at work — if you feel like you’re seeing other people get the opportunities…

It’s been five years since I founded my businesses — first as the founder of Creative Agency, my design research company, and then Build Yourself, my coaching and training company for women.

It’s been a long road — being a new business owner is like learning a new skill in your career that’s hard to master. Except you’re learning five of them — the same time — constantly switching from pot to pot on the stove as they’re all boiling (sometimes out of control.)

On the other hand, it’s incredibly rewarding. I know so much more than I did five…

My 20 minute strategy to start on that big scary project that you’ve been putting off

Ever had something really important and high-level to do that you’ve been putting off for weeks?

It happened to one of my coaching students when she was gunning for a leadership level job. She hit some progress — she was offered a partial promotion. And told to write her own job description for the role.

Hurrah!! Wahoo!!… Except….

Eep. Freeze! Impostor syndrome moment. Blank page meltdown.

She sat with the task, knowing she had to sit down and write it, feeling guiltier and guiltier as time went on.

You’ve been there too, right? When the thing you knew you should…

Mia Scharphie

Mia Scharphie is the founder of Build Yourself, a coaching and training company that helps creative women move from doing the work to setting the agenda.

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