On dating men with “potential”



I have recently come to terms with this “facade” SOME of us women endure while dating. The potential we see in men are made up fantasies that we create in our minds. We then get so disappointed when he doesn’t fulfill the DESTINY that we had planned for him and repeat the cycle of heartbreak.

For the 100th time, I fell in love with everything I THOUGHT this man would/could be…and when I realized he was the complete opposite, I also realized that I was CRAZY.

I am not God….and for those who are not believers, I am not immortal. I cannot foresee the future, nor can I morph a man into what I want for myself.

I later met a man who was everything HE wanted to be and more. His confidence made me comfortable, and allowed me to focus more on myself along with the relationship rather than the qualities needed to make him “better” for me. He was already “perfect” in his own way.

This encounter helped me understand the difference between the potential I see in a man and the REALITY of who and WHAT a man actually is.

Although I am no longer with the man who didn’t need my help in fulfilling his potential…I am happy to have met someone who changed my perspective on dating.

Thank you for writing. I truly enjoyed this piece.

[ I hope these words make as much sense as it does in my head! ]