Why Pizza Is My New Secret Super-Food


Pizza is one of the greatest damn foods on the planet. HOWEVER, if you just go on a fat spree and eat 4 slices a day, that’s not gonna be a good idea. I was reading about a company that opened a healthy pizza bar, and I started thinking..

What if pizza really isn’t that bad?

What if pizza could actually be eaten here and there, while also being worth eating for benefits and all that good stuff?

I’m kinda picky anyway when it comes to food generally, so I don’t go crazy on the exotic pizzas, but as of late, my wave is the Caprese. Caprese everything- sandwiches, pizzas, whatever. If you don’t know, Caprese is basically the classic vine-ripened tomato with fresh mozzarella and pesto, usually with a balsamic or a vinegar/olive oil combo.

So when it comes to pizza, it just so happens that if you in fact eat a slice of the right pizza, there are some power-ups for creatives.

The Caprese slice is sauce-less, with fresh mozzarella and fresh tomatoes. I like to add a balsamic or any kind of vinegar. This is how it helps:

Tomatoes Make You Wittier

So not only will they boost your brainpower to ensure you become more creative, but they will also improve your mental function and reverse age-related stuff. How you eat your tomatoes matters too, so when you add this next ingredient with the olive oil, it makes it easier to get into your bloodstream. Baow.

Fresh Mozzarella = Good Mood

“The gut can work independently of any control by the brain in your head — it’s functioning as a second brain,”

— Michael Gershon, professor of pathology and cell biology at Columbia University

Mozzarella, especially fresh mozzarella, is one of the better fatty foods for you, in moderation. Your body looks for these to get you out of crappy moods. “Tinkering with the second brain in our gut has lately been shown to be a potent tool for achieving relief from major depression.”

Olive Oil Is Amazing

Helps your heart, fights depression, obesity, diabetes, stress, heart disease, cancer. Duhh.

So there you have it. There’s your excuse to eat the Caprese pizza and be awesome everyday. Follow me on Twitter and Snapchat at MiamiMarci and send me pictures of your favorite foods and all that!

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