Level Up CEO Emotionally Connects Success with Failure

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Level Up CEO Tanisha Woodard sits down and talks about life and business

I was recently on set to shoot a promo for up and coming fashion phenomenon Level Up CEO Tanisha Woodard. The intended commercial turned into an emotional interview discussing her rise and fall in basketball, the death of her biggest supporter, and the pressure of creating a successful independent business. “Basketball was all I ever knew.” She stated “When it ended I had to start all over again. I had to Level up.” Her brand has been a breath of fresh air in her community of Rome, Ga. You can see the Level Up logo on shirts, jerseys, shorts, backpacks, scarves, hats, and socks all over the city. “It’s really growing faster than I imagined,” She said while sporting custom Level Up slippers, “But I’m going to continue to work at a high level.” Her interview turned from the clothes and focused on her illustrious basketball career, where she won a D2 NCAA champoinship and numerous player of the year awards with Clayton State. We discussed her years playing professionally overseas and the injury that ended her career, then the passing of her step father and the impact that he had on her life. I look forward to working on this project and I found that all these things together makes her brand and movement special. It’s genuine, it’s quality, it’s a Level Up. — Tune In— MovieMic

Level Up CEO Tanisha Woodard stands in the middle of the models for her most recent shoot.