NWGA Adult Prom Creates Major Buzz

After all of the promotion, the lights, camera and action, it all comes down to this. The NWGA Adult Prom has sparked the interest of hundreds of “Adults” that have been waiting for an opportunity to have a night of elegance and fun. Brother’s Promotions CEO Kevin Lynch has been planning and promoting feverishly over the past 2 months to put it all together. He stopped for a moment to talk about the event. “Im feeling great about having the 1st Annual Northwest Georgia ADULT Prom.” He said while responding to his list of texts and messages. “The excitement of people coming together, dressing up, dancing, laughing and mingling with different people all over Northwest Georgia.. I’ve heard a lot of people saying they wanted to do it and never did, but, Brothers Promo had the courage to step out and actually do this.Brothers Promotions is in position to set the pace for entertainment and quality events for years to come. The Adult Prom features the hosting of Sky Whatley and the beautiful team of Kealani Daniel and Rita Wright. The young promoter seems tired but swears he doesn’t sleep. “Doing this ADULT PROM has opened up some big opportunities for us. We appreciate the hard working hosts Sky, Kealani and Rita because without them and the support of NORTHWEST Georgia we dont think we could pull this off!” The suits and dresses have been fitted. DJBigHomie has selected the music. Now everyone in Northwest Georgia is ready to see how amazing one night can be. — MovieMic

Pictured (L to R) Kealani Daniel, Rita Wright, Kevin Lynch, Sky Whatley