Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at his prime playing for the LA Lakers

June 25, 2019
We should all take a moment right now to reflect on something involving our friends in the ATA: They represent professional athletes.

Is there a situation in sports where a single agency like Endeavor represents 2 or more players on a single team? Absolutely there is. Does that agency then get paid 3% of the team’s player budget, 3% of the team salary cap deferred to the end of the season, and 10% of the team’s ongoing profits for all eternity?

Of course not.

But WHY not?

In 1986, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) faced a…

June 17, 2019
This is about the Long Silence from the Guild, specifically about the idea that we are evidently still waiting on contractual language and WHY;

The reason for asking for contractual language and then waiting for it to be delivered is because it’s VERY easy for the ATA to say “We will provide transparency to writers on packaging details” but until you see what “transparency” looks like in specific contractual language, that’s a useless statement. If we agreed to it sight unseen, we’d be slitting our own throats.

In 2014, I was on the NegComm and a situation…

June 1, 2019
I realized something today; most WGA members have never experienced an organizing fight. Most of us enter the WGA and are immediately covered by the WGA’s protections, minimums, and benefits. Sure, we all struggle to get into the Guild, and once we’re in, we might be faced with the threat of a strike every three years and corporate retaliation and propaganda which comes with that, but we definitely don’t face the kinds of routine anti-union tactics major corporations use daily on their other non-union employees.

Some of us have. Those of us who have worked in animation…

April 24, 2019 As this fight has unfolded there’s been a lot of acrimony against the agencies as well as passionate defense of individual agents. This article is great because it dials the fight back out to a 10,000-foot view of this struggle and examines what the true financial motivations behind the scenes, specifically the role of Hedge Funds which have quietly absorbed these agencies and have a mandate to deliver 25% return on investment on a yearly basis to the shadowy rich creeps who invest in them (like the Saudi royal family who invested $300 million in WME that…

April 4, 2019
I looked up Civil RICO today in anticipation of the Guild’s announced upcoming lawsuit;

“The federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law was passed in 1970 as the “ultimate hit man” in mob prosecutions. Prior to RICO, prosecutors could only try mob-related crimes individually. Since different mobsters perpetrated each crime, the government could only prosecute individual criminals instead of shutting down an entire criminal organization. Today, the government rarely uses RICO against the Mafia. …

May 24, 2019
If you buy Endeavor’s stock, your broker will probably strangle you. If he doesn’t, you should probably strangle him.

From the attached Endeavor prospectus: “After the offering, Endeavor Group Holdings will have four classes of common stock: Class A, Class B, Class X, and Class Y common stock, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol EDR. Class A and Class X common stock will have one vote per share. Holders of Class Y stock will have 20 votes per share, and Class B shares will be non-voting. …

April 21, 2019
This was a reply to a reply to a reply to a reply on a different post, but several people asked me to pop it out into a separate thread, so here we go. I was replying to a concern that the Guild isn’t negotiating at the moment:

I guarantee folks are talking. They’re just not talking to membership about those conversations because it’s always a terrible idea to negotiate in public.

This negotiation only truly begins on Monday when they get the “hey, y’all are fired” letters from the Guild. That’s when their accountants will run…

May 4, 2019
This was a response-to-a-response-to-a-post and several people wrote and asked me to bump it out to a post of its own, so here we go;

Wish-Want-Walk negotiating theory;
The Wish: my wildest dream of a salary
The Want: the going market rate for this job
The Walk: I will not do this job for less than $X.

1) Always hit them with your WISH. 2) First person with a figure on the table automatically wins, because they drag the expectations of the other party into a new realm. 3) Settle on your walk and NEVER COMPROMISE. When…

April 19, 2019

This is long. I’m just warning you now.

I was on the WGA-AMPTP Negotiating Committee in 2014. I have some thoughts about what I learned that year which might be of some comfort to writers facing this period of uncertainty in the coming months.

1) One of the first things the Guild told us was that we were NOT allowed to discuss what was happening in the room on social media or with friends. Word travels, loose lips sink ships. …

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