Not sure how to start on Medium, I decided to pull out an old Journal from several years back, I found a very fitting section at the beginning, So here it is:

“A good way to start a book is with an “Introduction” or a “About the Author” or something like that, but this isn’t a book it is a Journal and “well” what do you start a Journal with? Do you start a Journal with a description of the place you live in?, or perhaps a poem? Well I’m not going to get an answer from the table or the chair or even from my Journal, so I guess I will have to start writing and hope the pen gives me an answer.”

So I began writing and this is what followed:

“It was a cold stormy night, the fire was dim and smoldering, the floors were creaking, the shutters were clattering, the rain pounded down on the roof, the lighting flashed, trying to creep in through any little crack. In the morning the rain ceases as if the sun pains it, sending it back home to its dark gloomy mysterious place.”

I can’t say that I’m (at all) proud of these, but they’re some of my first works and they’re a start into the world of inspiration…

Whenever I start on a new platform E.g. Twitter, Medium, Journaling, I never know how to start

But I have realized that if you have something such as a quote or some old work it can really help you get with the flow and begin moving.