Eggnog Season

Eggnog season is here!

You know it’s here when the grocery stores are packed with many different brands of eggnog in your dairy aisle. It almost makes you feel like a kid in the candy store. It’s the perfect fall and winter drink, the extra flair to your coffee, and the added zing to your all your sweet treats. Even Taylor Swift uses eggnog for her sugar cookies.

When I was younger I used to hate this stuff. However when I came home from school and saw it in the fridge, it always put me in a good mood. It was a sign that Christmas isn’t too far off as I thought it was, and that I need to put the finishing touches on my Christmas list. My mom always bought eggnog as soon as she saw it stocked at out local grocery store. She always bought it in October or early November to avoid the holiday crowds.

As I’ve gotten older, eggnog has become an acquired taste. I’ve also gained the habit of getting it early.

My eggnog!

Whether you hate it or love it eggnog will always be around!

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