Astrology trends for the week of August 1

The week opens with an aspect that’s sure to help you get things done: Monday afternoon the Sun in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius, stirring your ambitions and your ability to persevere. Success can be gained under this aspect, and it will all be down to your own effort. The courage and ego of the Lion won’t let you let yourself fail, so get to it!

Tuesday afternoon, Mars leaves the brooding intensity of Scorpio for the dashing and daring energy of Sagittarius. You will find yourself feeling more independent, courageous, and enthusiastic, but also very easily distracted. When Mars is in Sagittarius, it can feel like we’ve all had a bit too much caffeine: We hurl ourselves into new projects with great enthusiasm, and, for a while, we give it our full attention and greatest effort. But, as soon as the novelty of the project wanes, we are ready to hurl ourselves into the next project. Our attitude toward physical relationships is similar. Adventurous experimentation is very appealing now, but emotional commitment is not. If all of this seems a bit like déjà vu, it is because Mars was briefly in Sagittarius last March, before it returned to Scorpio during its Retrograde period. What this means is that now is a good time to turn your attentions back toward any project you set aside over the past four months. Tuesday afternoon also brings us the New Moon in Leo, giving us a shot of energy, courage, and bravado. This is the best starting point for this Moon Cycle’s projects. Leo’s energy will help ensure success in projects that are likely to put you in front of an audience or gain you public attention.

The Sun in Leo is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday morning. Consider this a warning to stay on your toes. Letting your guard down today is likely to mean you will fall prey to treachery or deception. This may be doubly true if you allow yourself to give in to your more emotional side. Today’s decisions should be made with your intellect instead of your emotions.

The Moon and Venus move into conjunction in Leo just after midnight on Thursday morning. This is an aspect that could bring you the accolades you’ve been seeking, especially if your work appeals to public tastes. Unfortunately, with all that Leo fire, it will be entirely too easy to bring unneeded melodrama into your life, as well. Try to keep your ego and vanity in check, and avoid any unnecessary confrontations.

Venus’s energy undergoes a striking change around midday on Friday, when the planet leaves Leo and enters Virgo. While Venus is within Virgo’s influence, we all take a much more cautious approach to matters of the heart. Fear of falling for the wrong person is an underlying theme. We are more likely to be hypercritical of potential mates, focusing on minor flaws instead of evaluating the entire person. This is generally an attempt to keep from committing emotionally to another. In fact, while Venus is in Virgo, we would much rather be of service to our fellow earthlings than to fall in love with one of them. Virgo does have a positive effect on our business sense, so this is a good month for our finances. Overall, the focus is on work and being helpful, not romance.

A pair of squares on Saturday will make for a difficult day. First, Mercury in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius, then Venus in Virgo squares Mars in Sagittarius. These aspects will make us both oversensitive and hypercritical. You are likely to feel like what you’ve been doing isn’t good enough, but rushing to change your life all at once will undoubtedly create discomfort and run into barriers. Better you should be more realistic about any dissatisfaction with your lot in life: Make a precise inventory of where the problems are, and what you would like to see changed or improved. Then, create some realistic, detailed, and long-term plans to work towards making these changes. Charging ahead like a bull in a china shop doesn’t get you out of the place you are trapped in, but it does see a lot of plates broken.

Sunday morning sees the Sun in Leo quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. Allowing ego, self-confidence, and an iron will to take the lead today will likely get you in trouble. Self-interest may be taken for selfishness or a lack of concern for your fellow humans. You will need to work hard to keep vanity in check and make it clear that you are working for the good of your community (or at least your team), or there will be unpleasant consequences. Shortly after noon, Mercury in Virgo moves into opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This is an aspect that can bring out your scheming and deceptive side. Combined with this morning’s warning, it is very important that you keep yourself to the straight and narrow. Ruthlessness, or even the perception of it, on your part will have dire consequences.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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