Astrology trends for the week of August 22

Early Monday morning brings Mercury and Jupiter into conjunction in Virgo. Your ability to communicate clearly is greatly enhanced by this aspect. With Jupiter in Virgo involved, you will know just what to say to create the best result. Shortly after noon, the Sun joins Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo. While the Sun is in Virgo, we are more analytical, serious, thoughtful, and industrious. We are more keenly aware of our ideals during this time, but our approach to reaching them is very practical. Virgo is the Handmaiden of the Zodiac. So, during this month, being of service becomes a primary focus. Unfortunately, Virgo is also obsessed with details and methodology. We are extremely good, now, at troubleshooting, but, at times, our attempts to be helpful look more like hypercritical fault-finding. It is probably best to keep your critical eye focused on your own health, schedule, and work life. If you must help others, do your best to not make it seem like they were doing something wrong, forcing you to come and save the day. No one likes that sort of busybody.

Also today, Mercury enters its Storm period, in front of going Retrograde on August 30th. This is the time to focus your attention on the projects you have already begun, as well as taking care of those things you’ve been putting off in the areas that Mercury oversees: If the check engine light is on, it’s time to get that taken care of. Get those important communications out. If you take care of these things in the areas of travel, communication, and technology before the start of Mercury’s Retrograde period, you are likely to encounter fewer serious headaches during those three weeks. Monday closes with an earthy trine of the Sun in Virgo and the Taurus Moon. This will be exactly the influence that will help you make those adjustments you need to in order to make the Retrograde period more pleasant.

Another trine featuring the Taurus Moon occurs Tuesday evening. This time the Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect heightens your ability to roll with the punches, making the best of the circumstances that face you. Changes are coming, but you will face them with steady ease, gently steering other people, as well as the situation, toward your own good fortune.

Mars and Saturn pair up in Sagittarius on Wednesday morning. These planets pair up twice a year, and this aspect should always serve as a flashing warning sign that turbulence lies ahead. For the next two or three weeks, expect delays and obstacles. As Mars spurs you forward, Saturn holds you back. Frustrations and annoyances are a given. These may turn into violent clashes, at least metaphorically, if not actual physical confrontations, if you aren’t careful. During this time, do your best to employ your patience and understanding, with both your fellow humans as well as with yourself.

Thursday morning sees Venus in Virgo quincunx to Uranus in Aries. This aspect cautions you to proceed carefully when it comes to matters of the heart. Rash actions or hasty romantic entanglements are likely to cause you a great deal of trouble. Unexpected circumstances arise when Uranus is in play, and, with this aspect, they are likely to cause you regrettable losses. Now is not the time to take risks with your heart, your health, or your money.

Mars in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune in Pisces, on Friday morning, sapping your energy levels and blurring your mental focus. Today would be a good one to catch up on rest, meditate, and avoid involvement with anything tricky or stressful, if at all possible.

Venus and Jupiter pair up for their annual meeting, this year in Virgo, on Saturday evening. While Virgo is not the strongest place for Venus, this aspect still brings us good friends and good fortune. Even with the Mars/Saturn brawl and the impending Mercury Retrograde, this aspect is a bright spot serving as a reminder to keep your chin up and your eyes on the stars, as the future promises to be brighter than the present feels.

The week closes with another reminder to try to keep a calm demeanor in the face of stressful circumstances. The Cancer Moon and Uranus in Aries square off on Sunday evening. This aspect warns that, while you may be impatient to act, rushing in with blinders on is likely to make trouble. A strategic and steady approach will bring about the results you desire.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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