Astrology trends for the week of August 29

This is a busy week, astrologically speaking, with some rough patches ahead. Buckle up, but definitely take advantage of one of the week’s bright spots when Mercury and Venus pair up in Virgo early on Monday morning. This is an aspect that increases your ability to charm people. With Venus still in Virgo, this is less likely to be about romance than about being a dazzling star socially, or even being able to sweet talk your boss into that raise you know you deserve. This is a short-lived window of opportunity, as Venus moves from Virgo into Libra Monday night. While Venus is here, the focus is on romance, as in you need to be romanced with finer things, such as champagne and roses, in order to give your heart. Fine manners and an elegant exterior also take on more importance during this time. It’s all superficial charm, now. The problem is that you may be missing someone with finer qualities who would be a better match in the long run, but who doesn’t make the perfect first impression. Try to make sure you are taking a deeper look at potential partners before rejecting or pursuing a relationship during the next four weeks. This is also a period in which you need to try to restrain your spending habits, as the tendency under this influence is to be extravagant with money.

Cue the dramatic music: Mercury goes Retrograde on Tuesday morning, not going Direct again until September 22nd. As with all Mercury Retrogrades, do not plan to begin any new projects until the planet goes Direct again. If you find you must begin something new, expect obstacles and delays, and for the project to possibly not turn out as planned. You can expect problems in the areas that Mercury oversees: communications, travel, and technology. Now is a good time to rest, research, reassess, regroup. With Mercury in Virgo, you also should take the time to examine your health and work habits, excising anything that is no longer serving your better good.

Early on Wednesday morning, the Leo Moon trines Uranus in Aries. This aspect would normally encourage you to go out and take some risks in dramatic style. With Mercury Retrograde, I encourage you to take a more conservative approach to this celestial call to action: this is an excellent time to consider what areas of your life are being lost in the shadows. Or think about whether or not you are feeling properly applauded and appreciated for the work you do. Instead of taking action now, start to make plans for how you will change these things when the opportunity arises. This aspect also encourages you to be open to change and to be ready to embrace the future. As the Retrograde offers some bumps and obstacles to your life over the next weeks, consider if these disruptions are pushing you in new directions. Spend some time contemplating if the Universe is trying to show you new avenues to explore.

Thursday morning brings us the New Moon in Virgo, as well as a solar eclipse. With Mercury currently Retrograde, I would advise against using this New Moon as an opportunity to start new projects, as they are not likely to go as planned. Instead, use this time to consider what changes you would like to enact in your life, especially in your work and health routines. Make note of new ideas that occur to you during this period, and do any research you may need to put your plans in motion once Mercury has gone Direct. While the eclipse will not affect most of us, as it is only visible in parts of mainland Africa, Madagascar, and Antarctica, those whose birthdays fall within one day on either side of it should pay special attention: This year could be one in which important changes take place which could have a dramatic impact on the future direction of your life.

Late Wednesday night brings us a reinforcing shot of the restraining energy brought in with the Retrograde, when the Sun in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius. You are very likely to encounter new obstacles, delays, even a sense of limitation, under this aspect. This aspect tends to make us take these occurrences as personal failures. Overcoming that sense of inadequacy will be a challenge, but doing so will help put you back on the road to productivity. Try to remember that everything isn’t under your ultimate control; even the best laid plans incur problems. These things generally aren’t about a personal failing on your part. And, even if you are the cause of this particular situation, the real trick to overcoming troubles is to work through them one step at a time, calling in the resources you need to set things right, instead of focusing on guilt or blame.

The stress continues on Friday, as the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune set up in an ugly configuration that leaves you vulnerable to hidden dangers. This configuration starts with last night’s square of the Sun and Saturn, and continues with the Sun and Neptune in Pisces moving into opposition, followed by Saturn squaring Neptune, both occurring around midday. With these aspects in play, your mind will likely be unfocused; obstacles and delays, as discussed above, are likely; and paranoia, suspicions, or scandals are a possible result. This is a situation in which it will be very difficult to tell the difference between reality and your fears. You should probably wait a few days to act on any problems or suspicions that arise. If you can, this is a good day to avoid pressing decisions or conflicts, as your ability to handle them with grace is likely to be seriously compromised.

Things start to look up on Saturday afternoon, when the Libra Moon is sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. Compromise and cooperation are likely to take a key role in restoring relationships to solid footing if you take a diplomatic, sober approach to any issues that have arisen recently This aspect promises to help you set things right through gentle action and subtlety, not through force.

A similar aspect occurs on Sunday morning, when the Libra Moon is now sextile to Mars in Sagittarius. Yesterday was about shoring up any relationships that may have been compromised through this difficult week. Today is about putting in the focused, hard work needed to set your projects back on a path toward success. Mars brings the energy you need to get things done. Sagittarius may cause you to be easily distracted, but it also may encourage you to explore new approaches to the problem. Just make sure you are able to return the focus to the problem at hand, eventually, instead of wasting the opportunity today brings just chasing butterflies. You can give yourself entirely over to play once you have taken care of business.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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